P & R Engine Rebuilders Inc.
Greensburg, PA



Drop off Guidelines:

  • Drain all liquid out of the engine: coolant, oil, gas, etc.
  • Remove all electrical components: sensors, coils, wires, etc.
  • Do not bring the engine on an engine stand or tire.
  • Bring all parts with the engine in a neatly order. (no buckets or bins filled with random parts).


  • Hot tank cleaning (ferrous metals)5x10x6'
  • Aluminum safe jet wash cabinets (2) and soak tank
  • Media blasting, smaller parts, (4x3x3')
  • Steel shot blasting (Up to 44"L)
  • Large and small ovens (2)


  • Wet or dry magnetic particle inspection (up to 12' long)
  • Spray dye penetrant system (aluminum)
  • Pressure testing, blocks, heads, manifolds, inter/aftercoolers, etc.


  • Sleeving: press fit, flanged, integrated deck, o-ring fit, etc. from 1"-10"IDx18"L computerized boring and honing
  • Sizing: Square tooled ID sizing, finished honed (Computerized Vertical) to size +/-.0002"
  • Upper or lower sleeve counterbore repairs, sleeves or shims

ROUND BORE WORK, i.e. connecting rods, main housing bores, cam housing bores, lifter bores, industrial case bores, bearing fits, etc.

  • Computerize automatic vertical cylinder hone, diameter range 1"-18"
  • Standard power-stroked horizontal hone, diameter range .500"-8"ID
  • Pin bushing boring machine, holds rod center to center distance within .001", ID size within .0002"
  • Cylinder block align honing
  • Cylinder block align boring
  • In-block cam tunnel repairs/oversizing
  • OHC cylinder head cap align honing/boring
  • Industrial align honing/boring, various applications, 2"-8"IDx6'L
  • Lifter bores, w/wo roller alignment slots, OS, sleeved etc.


  • Micro-finish polishing
  • Standard repair undersize grinding
  • Straightening
  • Offset-grinding
  • Welding
  • Spray-welding; a material build up type repair applied to round or flat parts that is machinable, example: block decks or any wearable round bearing area etc.
  • Oil seal sleeving/welding
  • Knife edging, general weight reduction/adding
  • Complete computerized rotating assy balancing
  • Camshaft lobe grinding, offset or repair
  • Crankshaft Balancing 


  • Small and large single-point CBN(iron,steel,brass)or PCD (aluminum) surfacers (2) (up to 20"Wx7'L) for blocks, heads, compression ratio/height adjustments made at our discretion, head plates, cast covers etc.
  • Fly-cut or end mill milling, where applicable
  • Surface grinding
  • Belt surfacing, exhaust manifolds, turbo housings etc.


  • Stepped or flat, tooled flat then non-directional ground finish


  • General milling, turning, threading, drilling, bolt removal, small fabrication, welding, brazing, babbitt pouring/machining, press work etc. all are lumped into our hourly rate category. These procedures can be discussed by contacting us for rates and time of completion


  • We are willing to tool our equipment to do and even broader spectrum of work if the demand arises. If the project you have does not seem to fit our equipment's abilities listed above, or you have an idea or large job, please contact us we will happily discuss anything related to your industry.